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Over 30 years of experience in decoration, engineering and construction, we partner with owners to build high-quality projects.

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Frequency Asked Questions !

First, we will measure the room. Then we meet, listen to your wishes and make suggestions. We will tell you what to do, and what ideas to reject. It is better that we meet on site, as this will speed up our work. Of course, these joint trips to the site are organized at a time convenient for you.

Yes, it is possible. Our work is divided into phases, and if you do not need some of them, we can meet the required phase. For example, you can have a project with construction and repair supervision. It is possible to make only graphics or pictures. Or it may just need redevelopment.

Yes, we only work with the square meter you are interested in. You can even design part of the room.

If we assume that the project is a three-room apartment with two bathrooms, we can finish it in a week. But at every stage your consent must be obtained and it is required. After all, we do not paint for ourselves. We send each drawing to you, and await your response, whether you agree. If the answer is no, we correct the project and send it to you. And so for each room. First we coordinate plans, then drawings and materials, then we go to the selection of tiles, and then furniture, wallpaper and various elements of decor. Practice shows that it takes about two months. But a week after the start of work, we will be drafting a task to build. In the design process, the stage will not be inert.

We are with you in the project to the end, and our goal is to fulfill your will. We will even help you in choosing napkins.

Yes, such cooperation is possible. In almost every city in Egypt, we have partners who can go to the site and measure the room. The graphics will be available in electronic form, and the final album will be sent with the help of express delivery.

Drawing the premises according to the ready-made data from you will determine the cost, and at the same time, the maximum shape and photos of furniture, drawings and instructions must be provided, what and where it will stand. Color schemes will also be needed.

You can. But here you need to decide for yourself what you want, in what form you want to get the results of our work. If you want to entrust us with the purchase of everything necessary. But often, people like to see drawings of buildings with selected furniture and accessories. This is our usual design work. And in order to achieve this, you need to determine what and where it will be, and this is done in the drawing. We ourselves know what to do and also choose what kind of furniture we will have. We just need to draw the graphics.

It is possible, but for this we will need to provide a drawing of the room with a plan for arranging furniture. We need to know exactly what it will be and where. And in case, if you try to tell us the measurements and the plan in words, your words should be illustrated in numbers, then the room should be measured and drawn. It must already be planned. So, either you provide us the drawing, or we do it ourselves.

We do not limit you to the number of graphics. This is one of the hallmarks of our studio. You have the right to make fun of us as much as you want. But you can limit the number of options if the cost of the business is reduced.

Like two drops of water. For example: the gallery has many examples. And if we set a goal, we can achieve it and it will be very similar to the pictures.

Yes, we do the planning works. We have specialists to draw up new plans for your taste with furniture arrangement. Changing the area of ​​the rooms, unifying the balcony with the room or moving wet areas, we take into account all the rules and regulations. Our specialists know very well what can and cannot be done. We always warn our clients when the architecture is breached and additional procedures are required for the agreement. Often people understand this issue by matching redevelopment, which is a rather lengthy process. We can coordinate all planning changes for you by our partners. For cases where documents for approval have to be submitted, various drawings are required, which are created on the basis of the plan we have set up.

We do it. The project includes designing drawings on the locations of sockets, lighting devices, shelves, etc. But for installation, in addition to drawings, a linear circuit is also required. To show the cross-sections of the wires, the resistive materials, the wires around the shield, the distribution by the automata, etc., this is actually the engineering drawing that we provide to our partners. In addition, we may also need drawings of: ventilation, air conditioning, fire extinguishing, fire alarm, internet, telephony, heating, water supply, sanitation and drawings of structures made of metal, concrete, wood. For each group, a set of individual drawings. In the case of a small apartment, as a rule, we do it all.

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